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Loved ones stay connected with sharing

Vital provides real-time updates to patients and their families throughout their visit and allows seamless follow-up appointment scheduling. 




Keep patients in network beyond the hospital

Vital helps patients schedule their follow-up appointments during their ED and inpatient visit, and within 24 hours of discharge.

Give patients the power to continue their care at home and out of the four walls of the hospital.


Increase satisfaction

Build loyalty and improve the care experience

Vital’s software improves patient satisfaction scores and has consistently high usage rates

Patients want to know what they are waiting on. Give them the answer.

Vital uses machine learning to understand your hospital. It sends updates to patients and families in real time so they are informed and in control of their visit.


Works on any mobile device (iPhone and Android compatible). No download required.

Cater to a diverse patient population with multilingual support.

Designed with AA accessibility standards, according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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