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Please note we are unable answer questions regarding individual patient status or care. Communications through our website are not secured for this purpose and this form and our chat features should not be used to communicate sensitive data such as patient health information.

Business Enquiries

We reply to all business enquiries within 24hrs.


Built to Protect Your Organization


Secure HL7/FHIR Interface

Vital works through HL7 or FHIR message passing. Using an interface engine, ADT, ORU/ORM, CCA, and MDM messages are securely forwarded to Vital.


Easy Identity Management

Vital integrates with LDAP, SAML, OAuth, and other single sign-on mechanisms eliminating the need for separate credentialing, permissions and related support.



Vital uses state-of-the-art security practices to ensure customer data is protected, and ensure we maintain HIPAA compliance.

Hippa Compliant
24/7 Monitoring & Support

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our application stack is backed by robust monitoring tools and first responder engineer support. We employ Chaos Engineering to continuously improve the resilience of our system, while also ensuring incident response is swift.

Your EHR Remains the System of Record

  • We read data from your EHR's feeds but will never write to it.
  • Migrate easily in stages — we start clients on ADT-only feeds to start and then add additional EHR feeds as time allows.

Support for major EHR vendors.

All Meds

Leave it to us with enterprise-class security features.

  • HL7 2.2+, FHIR, CCD, X12.
  • Manage access and sharing policies with authentication and single-sign on (SSO) options: LDAP, SAML, OAuth2.

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