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Vital provides a distinctive care experience, driving revenue and staff satisfaction

Improve the Care Experience and Drive Revenue


Increase revenue with in-network appointments

Vital’s suite of solutions empowers the patient to take control of their care. This includes finding and booking appropriate care post-discharge. Patients receive text reminders and are driven to their patient portal or find-a-doc. Reminding patients within 24 hours to follow up has led to an increase in patient volumes and annualized reimbursable revenue.

Vital drives in-network loyalty by managing patient expectations and providing a consumer-driven care experience.


Incremental post-ED follow-up appointments


Increase in annualized reimbursement, in one health system region


New patient volume growth, in one health system region

Optimize Patient, Clinician, and Staff Experience


Improve satisfaction scores and retention with consumer-grade software

Not surprisingly, patients love the ability to understand their hospital visit, to be able to safely communicate with their care team, and to share their visit status with loved ones. On average, over 57% of all patients who arrive with a mobile phone in the emergency department use our ERAdvisor solution.

Clinicians and staff frequently report the importance of Vital’s solution in their day-to-day – maximizing their ability to work efficiently and at the top of their license. Informed patients means fewer questions for clinicians and staff.


Increase in Press Ganey ED Scores on “Information about Delays”


Average patient usage rate


Increase in “Likelihood of Recommending” scores, went from 30 to 98 after 6 months live

What Clients and Patients are Saying...


"This type of real time connectivity and engagement really changes how we conceive of patient experience in our hospitals and has the potential to have a meaningful impact on patient care and outcomes."

- Christine Brocato, System Vice President, Strategic Innovation at CommonSpirit Health


“The website with information about wait times and test results was amazing! It was nice to be able to share it with family to help keep them informed... Knowing what to expect from the website meant that I didn't need to bother the nurses for updates.”

- Patient using ERAdvisor

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