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A consumer-grade software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for the Emergency Department.

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#1 in ED Patient Experience Software

By reading your EHR and applying AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), ERAdvisor provides patients with real-time information about their visit.


Provide personalized updates throughout an ED visit

  • Patients automatically receive a text invite to view their visit information – no sign up or download required to access.
  • Patients can view wait times, prompts on what to expect, and timing of diagnostic orders – reducing nonclinical questions.
ERAdvisor - Inform


Empower patients to communicate with their loved ones and care team

  • Using the share feature, patients select loved ones to receive visit details and status, in real-time.
  • Available in multiple languages, patients can request service and comfort items which automatically alerts staff.
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Drive Growth

Increase revenue and improve patient experience scores

  • Reminders to schedule post-ED care are sent directly to the patient’s phone, leading to increased in-network follow up rates.
  • Patients are in control of their visit, leading to a better experience for both patients and providers.
ERAdvisor - Drive growth

How It Works

Patients view customized wait times and updates throughout the entirety of the ED visit, with step-by-step automatic progression.


Secure Mobile Access

Utilizing ADT data and the patient's mobile number, patients are automatically enrolled and invited to ERAdvisor once ED registration is complete.

ERAdvisor - How It Works - 1. Secure Mobile Access

Real-Time Wait Times & Updates

Keep patients and families informed during an ED visit, allowing clinicians and staff to focus on care.

ERAdvisor - How It Works - 2. Real-Time Wait Times & Updates

AI-Enabled Care Experience

From patient arrival to admission, discharge, or transfer, ERAdvisor guides the patient with updates, prompts on what to expect, and timing of diagnostic orders – eliminating questions asked of the ED staff. 

ERAdvisor - How It Works - 3. AI-Enabled Care Experience

Personalized Follow-Up

The benefits of ERAdvisor extend to patients, clinicians, and the hospital. Patients are automatically sent reminders to book follow-up care.

ERAdvisor - How It Works - 4. Personalized followup

Powerful Solution, Big Impact


incremental post-ED follow-up appointments


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