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Predict hospital admits hours in advance.

Give your entire care team the foresight they need to plan ahead and decrease boarding with hospital admission predictions. Our predictions begin upon registration and constantly update as new information becomes available.


Reduce length of stay through standardization.

More than 30% of patient severity scores are miscategorized during triage. This results in higher cost and bottlenecks, while decreasing patient satisfaction scores.

We use powerful machine learning to alert Triage Nurses to anomalies that may require a second look.

Get ahead of the ED and anticipate what’s coming next.

Vital monitors changes to vital signs, problem lists, visit notes, lab results, imaging orders and more. Each change updates our predictions to help doctors and nurses make better decisions.

Help prevent LWOBS or AMA and patient violence through prediction.

Predict orders and labs from the moment a patient checks in.

Calculate each patient’s probability for 30-day readmission and return.

Using Vital I can see what patients are going to be admitted to the hospital across multiple EDs. It’s so much easier than digging through the EHR to find out what is going on with each patient.

Bed coordinator using Vital

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