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Beautiful Software for Clinicians and Staff

Modernize your clinical and operational experience

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Stay mobile and in control, with real-time staff and patient messaging, clinical and operational alerts, and AI-driven analytical support.


Real-time insights on every patient

  • Track and predict patient progress.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate alerts and messages.
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Communicate and take action, instantly

  • Send secure messages to patients, their families, clinicians, and staff.
  • Keep the entire care team working at the top of their license by keeping the patient updated and informed while on the go.
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Drive Growth

Improve outcomes and increase revenue

  • Smart care coordination technologies that include key personnel and the patient.
  • Ensure follow-up appointments and discharge instructions are understood.
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How It Works


Secure Login

Clinicians and staff can quickly and securely login. Once the email is entered and verified, a link is sent with an intuitive login process.

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Patient Lists

Keep clinicians and staff operating efficiently and at the top of their license, with the ability to quickly communicate with patients.

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Routed Messaging

Save clinical and operational time with appropriately routed AI alerts and messaging.

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Service Requests

Stay in control. Turn on and off service request feature according to staffing and time of day.

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Reduce uncertainty, operational obstacles, and operational bottlenecks.

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    Increase patient satisfaction with relevant and timely updates freeing up clinician time.

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    Optimize clinician-patient-staff communication – the right person helping at the right time.

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    Save clinical and operational time with appropriately routed AI alerts and messaging.

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