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We reply to all business enquiries within 24hrs.


We're pushing the bounds of healthcare software.

Our team is quick moving, full of energy, and constantly striving for innovation. We value what each team member has to bring to the table, both inside and outside of work. Diversity, inclusion, and respect are important to us and each team member must abide by our shared code of conduct.

Benefits of Working at Vital


Remote First

Vital is a remote first company with hubs in Auckland and the US. Work from home, the office, the bach - wherever it is you need to make your best happen.

Ownership / Shares

Take ownership of your work… literally. Not only does Vital offer competitive salaries but you’ll also get stock options which means you get to share in our success.

Fuel the Mind

A team that's well fed and watered is a happy team. We have a wide range of organic snacks and drinks on offer, we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with plenty of cake, and we shout a team lunch in the Auckland hub every second week.



At Vital we understand that life doesn’t always play by the rules or fit in the windows outside of work. We’re big on flexible hours and working to live, not living to work.

Professional Development

Development and support is really important to us at Vital so we provide opportunities for you to grow and get to where you want to be in your career.

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